Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps to Your Perfect Kitchen!


Measure, then measure again!
This is a common kitchen planning mistake, and can cause huge problems further down the line. Measure the dimensions of your space in millimetres for accuracy, and do it at least twice to be sure your measurements are correct. We however will do this for you to take the worry away

Be realistic about what you can afford. Speak to us as we will best advise you of the right kitchen for you, making sure that your budget is adhered to taking into consideration any new applicances you may have to purchase for your new kitchen or any additional requests not included.

The right kitchen
With so many choices of kitchens, it is easy to get a little confused. We offer you a free home consultation and take time to find out about you, your lifestyle and your home style. With this information we will have a better idea of your layout and needs.

A Kitchen that works for you
Choosing where to install your appliances is extremely important. Good kitchen planning is heavily dependent on ergonomics and not just how good something looks beside the window. The ‘Work Triangle’ is very important. This is the distance between the cooking and food preparation area, sink and fridge. The idea is to keep this distance small so that you don’t have to walk too far when you’re cooking. This is an exellent starting point when planning your kitchen layout. Also, consider where your existing electrical and plumbing points are and consider if you would be prepared to change them to accommodate a new kitchen layout.

Choose Personal Touch Cabinets who will install your kitchen
Choosing your kitchen from a reputable and well establised company like ours, to install your kitchen for you takes a huge worry out of this new venture. Having the one point of contact from beginning to handover ensures that your input is heard every step of the way and delays in the installation of your new kitchen are avoided.